Registered Exporters System
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1. REX - Create Pre Application

A new self-certification system by exporters will replace the system of certification of origin by public authorities as of 1 January 2017.
A so-called registered exporter system (REX) is being introduced for that purpose. From 2017 onwards exporters will directly provide their customers with statements on origin. Exporters will be registered with the competent authorities of the beneficiary countries in order to facilitate targeted post-export controls.
Each beneficiary country will need to establish an electronic record of registered exporters, the contents of which will be communicated to the European Commission by that beneficiary country's competent governmental authority.
The REX Pre Application page supports the registration procedure for the traders of the BC allowing them to fill in the application and print it before being filed to the respective competent authority.
The European Commission will establish a central data-base of registered exporters, through which operators will be able to check before declaring goods for release for free circulation that their supplier is a registered exporter in the beneficiary country concerned.