Trader Portal User Interface
Application User Manual
  • 1. Introduction

1. Introduction


1.1 Purpose

This manual aims at providing the following information to the Trader Portal users:
  • guidelines to better understand the key features of the interface;
  • instructions to help the user in its interaction with the system.

1.2 Scope

The manual covers the functionalities and features provided by the Trader Portal User Interface. It includes general structure of the interface, generic features and navigation between pages of the interface.
In addition, detailed instructions are provided to lodge an application, to read a notification and to reply to customs authorities’ requests. These instructions clearly explain how a user can achieve the different actions available in the user interface in order to fulfil the main business scenarios (e.g. lodging an application, amending an authorisation, etc.). More details are available in Section 5. Main business features.
It is important to note that the Trader Portal User Interface is foreseen to be used for the interactions with several EU IT applications and is therefore structured with business module for each of these IT applications.

1.3 Abbreviations and Acronyms

For a better understanding of the present manual, the following table provides a list of the principal abbreviations and acronyms used.
Abbreviation/Acronym Definition
CDCO Centrally Deployed Centrally Operated
Customs Decision Management System
Customs Officer User Interface
Directorate-General Taxation and Customs Union
Decision Taking Customs Authority
European Union
Frequently Asked Questions
Not Applicable
Regular Shipping Service
TP Trader Portal
Trader Portal User Interface
Uniform User Management & Digital Signature

1.4 Definitions

Term Definition
Action pages
All pages allowing a user to fill a form in order to submit a message to the DTCA.
In the context of this manual the term actor is used to mention a trader, a representative or a mandate.
From a general point of view, any entity identified by an EORI Number.
CDCO CDMS IT Application
The CDMS IT application, managed by EU Commission.
The Customs Officer User Interface is the name of the user interface of the CDMS application.